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What is Blockathon?


An Opportunity to Learn About Emerging Technologies

Through this competition you'll get to learn how technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence work and how businesses use them to solve real world problems, watching experts from various companies explain how they solve problems using these technologies. If you're attentive, you'll learn something new. If you're smart, you'll make connections with people that will help you bring your idea to life.


A Pitching Competition for a Startup Idea


After having learnt how these technologies are used, you can then come up with a way to use them on your own, a new innovative solution to an existing real world problem. You''ll then pitch the idea in front of a group of judges, and the team with the best idea not only wins the winner's prize, but has the chance to continue working on their idea and bring it to life with our support even after the competition is finished.


A True Hackathon Experience


This isn't only a way for you to come up with an exciting idea or to learn about new technologies, this is an experience, made for high school students, by high school students. We want you to have as much fun as possible, so to help you relax while you work on changing the future, you'll enjoy sports matches between teams, yoga sessions and a last day party after the pitches.



This is the next great style of business competitions. 


We mix the traditional hackathon approach with much more corporate involvement and technical depth, to give the students the best of both worlds. We wanted the competition to be as fun as possible for the students, so there will be plenty of fun activities, Google-like working spaces and a party at the end to celebrate all the great ideas you’ll have come up with!


We wanted to introduce young and creative students to the vibrant and stimulating world of startups by letting them work together on projects that would benefit both. Students in the competition solve problems posed by our corporate partners using cutting edge technology like Blockchain and AI, and then pitch their idea to our judges at the end.


Although the experience is fun for everyone, only the final winners will get to enjoy the prizes, which among other things include funding for your idea, support to bring it to reality, and an opportunity to intern at one of our corporate partners’ companies.


If that sounds like fun, come along to Blockathon, and register before it’s too late!





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January 13th 2021 - Kickoff Event

February 13th 2021 - Blockchain Event

February 28th 2021 - Team Check Event

March 11th 2021 - AI Event

March 26/27th 2021 - Final Event

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Further nomination and registration processes will be updates soon. Stay tuned!

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